Quickoffice Mobile Office Suite (Word, Excel, Email & WiFi) для iPhone в формате *.ipa!

Установка: App Store Стоимость: $19,99

Вчера состоялся долгожданный выход Quickoffice Mobile Office Suite (Word, Excel, Email & WiFi) для iPhone!

Это действительно полнофункциональная офисная программа для айфона!

Quickoffice® это три приложения в одном:

(передовая программа для обработки текстовых документов)
• Правка и создание файлов MS-WORD
• Интуитивно понятная реализация функций Cut/Copy/Paste в том числе в другой документ
• Простая в использовании и быстрая система выбора слова/параграфа Double/Triple Tap
• Оптимальное отображение информации для экрана айфона
• Масштабирование
• Enhanced Magnifier to accurately place cursor with ease
• Extensive text formatting; Bold, Italics, Font Sizes, Font Styles
• Simple to Undo/Redo text changes
• Familiar Flick-scrolling and Two-finger Zoom
• Confidently edit with Auto-Save & Auto-Restore
• Quickly edit Bulleted/Numbered lists
• Edit with wider Landscape keyboard
• Supports documents containing double-byte text (Chinese, Korean & Japanese)
• Images scale to fit screen for better viewing
• Open complex docs without compromising performance or stability
• File Support: .DOC (97-2003 Editing), .DOCX (2007 Viewing), .TXT

(Advanced Excel Spreadsheet Editor)
• Edit & Create MS-EXCEL spreadsheets
• Professional-Grade Calculation Engine
• Supports advanced Excel features; Implicit Intersection, Array Formulas, Named Ranges
• Simply Tap, Hold & Slide your finger to increase/decrease Column Width/Row Height
• Extensive formatting; Bold, Italic, Cell Background, Font Color, Accounting, Currency, Decimals, Currency Symbols
• Double Tap on a cell and drag your finger diagonally to Select a Range
• Easily change Inputs and Recalculate
• Confidently edit with Auto-Save & Auto-Restore
• Switch easily between Sheets in a Workbook
• Insert new Rows/Columns
• File Support: .XLS (97-2003 Editing), .XLSX (2007 Viewing)

Quickoffice® Files
(Remote Access, Email, WiFi & File Management)
• Remotely Access your MobileMe® iDisk® account (separate account required)
• View & Email almost every common file type directly from your iPhone
• Easily Transfer files from your Macintosh or PC via WiFi
• Create New Folders on your iDisk account or device to manage digital content
• Save files to your device for offline viewing
• Easily Organize, Rename, and Move files on your device
• Passcode protection to keep your content safe
• Mount device as a wireless drive via WiFi (FREE update available soon)

Note: iWork files cannot be transferred using WiFi Connect. Does not support iWork 09. MobileMe not required to use Quickoffice®


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